There is something special about video, for it does record more completely the places you’ve been, the events you’ve been involved in, and the particularity of your comments and thoughts.  I share on this page several of them, including the most meaningful for me, my 9-11 walk downtown, which was filmed by Ron Agam as we walked together towards Ground Zero that morning, with Rabbi Avi Weiss.  I can assure you it’s worth watching in its entirety, particularly as we mark the 10th Anniversary of 9-11.

We Choose Love NYC Flash Mob

My friend Lynne Taylor-Corbett just produced this You Tube of togetherness in America in song and dance. It’s great, timely, and the right message. Time to put negativity behind, it’s so tiresome, and come together for America’s future. This is a You Tube for all Americans, so share it! And it is so wonderfully New York!

BJHI Memorial Day Remembrance at Brownsville, Brooklyn’s Jewish War Memorial

Brownsville, Brooklyn was a Jewish community in the 1920s when this War Memorial was constructed for those lost in WWI. We linked that origin to the predominantly African-American and Latino community that is Brownsville today, in a very significant Remembrance Ceremony. A BJHI event that I organized.

JBSTV L’Chayim Program Hour-long HT Interview
Covering a wide range of issues and personal stories through interview questions by Mark Golub, a great insight into my thinking on such topics as being a liberal Democrat and my calling for annexation of Judea and Samaria, the Jewish Historical Initiatitives in NYC that I founded, and the treasure of being a Jew in America.

Hava Nagila like you never heard!


The Second Annual Ceremony of BxJHI’s Bronx Jewish Hall of Fame, Class of 2016

The Bronx Jewish Historical Initiative, of which I serve as Founding Chair, held its Second Annual Bronx Jewish Hall of Fame ceremony in June, 2016, inducting 5 legendary Bronxites. An amazing evening, filmed by the Jewish Broadcasting Network.

The Inaugural Ceremony of BJHI’s Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame Class of 2015

The Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative of which I serve as Founding Chair, launched this Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame with a 2015 ceremony, inducting 12 extraordinary Brooklynites. A piece of history to watch, filmed by the Jewish Broadcasting Network.

Great New York Stories: The Miracle of the New York Jewish Community

An incredible evening with legendary people of NY’s Jewish Community

Israel ¡Seeing is Believing!

Celebrating the joy of Israeli life. See the video and believe!

9-11-11 Sunrise Ceremony

A day to remember.  Taped by Jeff Wertz

My 9-11 Walk Downtown to the Staging Area on 9-11-01

A momentous day for me.  Taped by Ron Agam.

All-Stars Project, Together and Giving Back Program Video Clips

Helped launch it. Making a difference in bridging Black-Jewish-Latino understanding

Haitian Consulate –
New York Together Convening Initiative Conference

I co-chaired bringing together New Yorkers who helped in Haiti


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