I have viewpoints on important issues to me, and I have started writing more in the second half of this decade.  Many are on Israel, and  in my articles I express my strong sense of commitment to my Jewish people, our history, and my vision for our future and the future of Israel. I have also included a few other articles that would be of interest to you.  Most were published in Jerry Lippman’s Long Island Jewish World/ Manhattan Sentinel newspapers, and a couple in The Jewish Press..

I am also writing a book at this time, with the working title, Living the American Way, and I will include in this section small portions that I have written, that would be both be topical, and that expectantly would create feedback as I progress with the book.


3/12 OpEd Debate: Kosher Jesus? By Shmuley Boteach, Howard Teich & Paul De Vries

– Koshering Jesus a bit too much. By Howard Teich, attorney and Jewish community leader

– Koshering Jesus More. By Paul de Vries, President, New York Divinity School



9/02 9-11:  Dawn of A New America



12/16 A Most Optimistic Time for Israel: The Trump Era bodes well for the Jewish State

8/16 Hypocrites All: What Does it Mean to Be Pro-Israel in 2016?

1/14 Holding On to Our Homeland: No, you cannot tell my people to go.

10/12 Wake-Up Call – The U.S. Jewish Community Needs Courageous Leadership

3/11 The Very Existence of Israel Is at Stake: A Call to the American Jewish Community to Stand Up in Her defense

8/10 No Extension of Settlement Moratorium:   Time for Annexation

4/10 We Shall Bow Down to No One:  America’s Jewish Leaders Must Be Outspoken

2/09 We Must Drive Our Own Destiny

11/07 The New Israel:  Annexing the Liberated Land of Judea and Samaria

6/07 A Defining Time for Israel:  Declare the Land Liberated, Not Occupied

10/06 Not Now, Not Ever

6/05 No Longer Silent.  No Retreat from Gush Katif



12/11 Modern Miracles: On Hanukkah, Let’s Celebrate the Light God Gives Us Even Now

12/11 Religious Leaders Call on Officials, Believers to Intercede for Iraqi Christians

12/09 On the Perfection of God and Life:  A Message for New Years 2009

3/08 On Jewish Leadership and Purim

9/05 We Jews:  Book Review and Conversation with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

4/02 Fighting for Our Jewish Literacy:  Our Ethos, Our Destiny