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Last Fall, I walked past the NYCHA Houses at 103rd & Second Avenue where  Police Officer Randolph Holder was fatally shot, literally the  week before, looking for the way to Randall’s Island, and was told by the Police Officer stationed there on the street with his van that he could not send me through the NYCHA Houses as I would risk being shot, as he said that’s how many guns and how dangerous it is, so he sent me a few blocks out of the way, to cross at 102nd and head back up to the bridge crossing.

So, I was horrified when I heard that Officer Holder was fatally shot.  He did not have the choice I had, and gave his life in carrying out his responsibility to chase down, and apprehend a man who  was in the process of suspected criminal activity.

To know that an area is such a danger, and that lives are at risk every day, I find unacceptable.  We must find a way to put an end to it.  I call for zero tolerance, and that in the name of Officer Holder, we bring together community leaders, and mandate a way to take those guns, and create a safe zone in those NYCHA Houses.

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