Hanukkah in Myanmar

December 22nd, 2015 by

'L-R: Rabbi Baskin, former commander in cheif, Canada, US, Israel Ambassadors, Speaker of Parliament, Yangon, daughter of former Prime Minister U NU , Chairman of Myanmar Travel Association..'Hanukkah is a special time of year, and Sammy Samuels filled the only remaining Synagogue in Myanmar to the rafters, as he takes on the mantle of leadership in the year after the passing of his wonderful father, the late Moses Samuels..  They single-handedly have carried on the tradition of Judaism in Myanmar, and having visited with Moses at the synagogue in Yangon a number of years ago, I am so thrilled to see this beautiful synagogue in such a special brightness of the holiday, now led by my friend Sammy.

Sammy Samuels's photo.“It was such a beautiful evening to host Ambassadors, Government officials, former commander in chief, leaders from Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Bahai and Hindu community and many other distinguish guests at the Yangon Synagogue. In other part of the world getting together of all religious leaders would be impossible but in Myanmar it’s real and it’s possible.

We miss my father very much but I am sure he will be very happy to see that we continue to keep the Spirit of Hanukkah alive in this beautiful city of Yangon.”

Sammy Samuels's photo.  Sammy Samuels's photo.


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