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1. Mayoral Control of NYC Education

This is about children, and the public process.  Not  neo-progressive,not neo-liberal, not conservative.  Increases in scores that leave children at 33% passing grade levels is failure in my thinking, and the test of Mayoral control over the past decade has not succeeded.  As we continue to have top-notch Borough Presidents, as well as a Public Advocate and Comptroller of quality, let’s add them to the Mayor’s leadership in the schools, and I recommend we now move to the future by restoring a Central Board of Education, or a close version of it, with elected Community School Councils that parents and other community activists can actively participate in, and a new  openness of information for public awareness. My recommendation for the NYS Legislature 2016 to enact, with the intention of having an effective date for the incoming new Administration in 2018.

2. Societal Costs of Shootings

During one Summer weekend, there were twelve shootings in Brooklyn, and aside from the outrageous human cost of pain, suffering, and  loss, society is forced to pick up the tab for medical care and hospitalization, criminal justice proceedings from cops and investigators to courtroom proceedings to incarceration costs, and on and on.  Millions of dollars to cover these uncivilized acts. Don’t know about you, I would rather see this money go in to after-school programs  for children, and other positive programs  for uplifting this City.  I clearly see that it is not just about the victims of the shootings, it’s about all of us.  Time to hold families of these violent offenders, communities and community leaders responsible for this lawlessness.  And we all need to do better, to create a safer and gentler society.

3. Change We Can Believe In

I am a Hillary person.  Yet, I thank Donald Trump, for he has awakened us, that speaking out Truth to Power, saying what’s on your mind, making clear that political correctness is an impediment to open discussions, may well be creating a renewed path to a better society, and a better America.  For there is a possibility of a much better America, an excellent   America, not a dumbing down America, as Senator Moynihan once  called it, not a second-class America.  The Obama years have put money into the pockets of the top 1%, increased the   dependency of 50%, and demoralized the remaining 49%.  And he has divided America in a way I have not seen it for decades.  Overseas, he has created a new world in his image, denigrating the excellence of America , increasing opportunities for societies not in America’s traditional image, and putting our leadership in jeopardy, and the security of our traditional friends in doubt.  As the end of the Obama Administration approaches, we all recognize the importance of the 2016 elections to take us in a new direction. I remain a Hillary person for I know her potential to lead America to a better future, and to create a fresh, new, more enlightened Democratic Party that will be important for America’s future nationally and locally.  There is a new challenge for America ahead, and we all have a most important role in meeting that challenge.

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