June, July 2015

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1. 9-11 First Responders Keep Dying of Cancer

Bottom line, the ongoing treatment regimen being used on First-Responders at the 9-11 ground zero site needs to be looked at, and alternative and complementary medical approaches considered for inclusion in the Zareiga Bill. The compounds created by the collapse of the Twin Towers collapse were deadly and new in many cases, and regular medical treatment will, and does not work. The First Responders deserve a chance of recovering.

2. Take A Spin In Space

Well, notwithstanding the recent accident, finally we astronaut wannabes will be able to have our tour in space for anywhere from $95,000 to $50 million. Yes, space tourism is on the way. Fortunately for many of us, we can have a land-based mini-space experience at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, with simulators, and a taste of weightlessness. There are available programs in Spring, 2016, and I think I may sign up.

3. Religious Liberty, Not Public Discrimination

Religious liberty, a basic foundational principle of our country is under attack in America, as intolerance towards religion has become chic in some communities here. Yet, in taking a stand, there is no place for crossing the line intoan excuse for discrimination against others. We continue to face this difficult issue where balance based on opportunity, not limitation, is necessary.

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