April-May 2015

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1. As a Country, We Can Do Better

I am not particularly different than so many other Americans, I have no doubt that we can do better as a country, and I turn to our elected officials to meet the challenge in this next two years.  They are there to govern and legislate, not just raise money and win for themselves and their party, and serve special interests.  I did my fair share of supporting Democratic national candidates in the 2014 Election Cycle, and I am disappointed and angry.

2. Time to Have Term Limits in Congress

Too many in Washington DC now just go with the flow.  It’s more of a monotone in the Democratic Party, one voice led by consultant’s opinion polls rather than a newly energized team making a difference for America.  Term limits would help, and I call for them now, and I would recommend twelve years for both the House and the Senate.  In 2016, I would like to see this implemented voluntarily if not passed, or by challenge of all those having served more than twelve years.

3. Great Nations Keep Their Word

Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian Has an important exhibit in Washington, DC, Nation to Nation:
Treaties Between the United States and American Indian Nations.  History written from the Native perspective, clarifying ongoing tribal land issues that need be resolved by the United States government   Real treaties, with lasting implications, and an overlying message:  Great Nations Keep Their Word.

4. Selfishness and Greed  – the 1%

The 99% want to place sole ownership of selfishness and greed with the 1%.  Well, maybe so, and yet, time that the 99% look into the mirror.  Too many are self-satisfied, and doing little for America, not carrying their weight, while the 1% may be making more than their fair share contribution. President Kennedy’s words, listen to them all (paraphrased), “Ask what you can do for our country, not what your country can do for you.”

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