May, June 2014

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1. America’s Foreign Policy Ineptness

As I have watched America’s foreign policy ineptness, it has reinforced in me the importance of America’s leadership in world-affairs, and I have placed it on the front-burner for consideration of my Presidential choice for 2016.  For me, “singles and doubles” just aren’t sufficient for America.

2. Reinvigorating America’s Space Program

And looking to 2016, I am placing the challenge of reinvigorating Our American space program, that has faced drastic cutbacks.  As China, Russia, India and others expand their programs, particularly humans in space, I want to know who will bring America’s ascendancy in space to unparalleled levels by 2025. Let’s dream again!

3. Let’s Negotiate Education with Children

One group never gets to the negotiating table, and we rarely even hear from them.  That’s the children, the students of our City.  Rarely even mentioned in articles of schools, often one wonders if they are a product, an excuse, for keeping all the educational dollars flowing to special interests. Let’s sign a Contract with Our Children, with terms and promises that need to be kept.  It’s time, that’s progressive!

4. Get Over America’s Selfishness

Time to get over America’s selfishness, where the mantra is that government has to take care of “me”.  It is our challenge as Americans to, in the words of JFK, “Ask what we can do for our country>”  Yes, perhaps old patriotism would be more meaningful now than ever.

5. Proud of My Neighborhood

Carl Schurz Park on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is a Favorite place of mine, and as I walked over on 86th Street Between York and East End Avenues, every building had American flags flying on their entrance’s awning.  As I learned, one superintendent started it a month ago and it spread. Would be great all over the City.  Flags for Everyone.

6. LBJ’s Great Society Speech

May 23rd, 2014 marks the fiftieth Anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s famed Great Society speech, laying ou a spectacular vision for America.   Often belittled, it provides a lesson for all ages of the best of the American possibility, of liberating the human spirit, exploring the universe, tending to our environmental needs, with the responsibility on all citizens for creating this American Great Society.  And so much more.


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