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Happy New Year 2014 !!

It’s Holiday Season, and I am joyful for the incredible circle of friends I have made throughout the years, and the fortunate life I have led.

I look at my City, and the World around me, and as NYC Mayor-Elect Bill DeBlasio so notably terms it, “a Tale of Two Cities,” I see that the rich have prospered even far beyond most people’s imagination, in years of extraordinary despair for others who no longer can afford the basic promises and dreams of America.

Fifty years ago in May, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson, in his Great Society speech delivered at the University of Michigan, said, in his words, “A great people flowers not from wealth and power, but from a society which spurs it to the fullness of its genius.  That alone is a Great Society.”

I know we can do better, and as I set my New Year’s resolutions, I rejoice with all the people I meet who are making enormous contributions to creating this better world, and who respect the twin ideals of giving and service.  I look to 2014 and beyond with extraordinary optimism and renewed purpose, to create a New Great Society, as new days are arriving when the true possibilities of a vibrant America for all can be fulfilled.

And again in the words of President Johnson, “To spread the light, to enlarge man’s inner and outer liberty, to promote the peace of our people and all people…They are the purpose, I believe, of this America.”

I wish you the Happiest and Most Amazing New Year 2014!

– Howard


Hi Howard, I wish you and all your dear ones a serene and healthy holiday season. Be well, stay well and stay in touch.  Ciao, Mico (Licastro)


Dear Howard,  Your words and thoughts resonate deeply within me.  Thank you for articulating them.  Your vision is clear and I join you.  I am proud to be a new member of the NJ All Stars Board.  I hope our paths cross soon.  Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with a world closer to what we work for.  All my best, (Carolyn Dorfman)


Wonderful thoughts. Inequality of opportunity must end. Happy Holidays, Steve (Ludsin)


Jeffrey to Howard:  Dear Howard,  Thanks for your inspiring words from an often times, unfairly, maligned source: LBJ.  My New Year’s resolution is to Co-Create a New World Community of love and Peace.  Possibly you would like to actively join the effort  – see our website:  Let me know what you think.  Merry Christmas friend – Jeffrey (B. Peters, Catherine Chase “Cici” Peters)


Howard.  So wonderful to hear from you and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, with health, happiness, wealth, love, and great adventures…From my command  and control center, my laptop on my dining table.

All the best, Leslie (Mandel)


Hi Howard:  This is a very interesting wish for the future…if you haven’t already seen it, watch “Broken City”
on HBO.  When are you coming to S. Florida? I’m looking forward to seeing you again one of these days.
Lots of Love and Healthy Wishes for the New Year.  Phyllis (Gross)


Best to you and yours, Howard. Hope all is well.   Ross M. Wallenstein


Truly wonderful thoughts, Howard.

Larry and I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Joyous New Year. (Larry and Shelly Strickler)


Lovely..I read it twice… Loved the Johnson quotes.  Rhonda (Barad)


Howard!  All the best in this new year.  Fred Cerullo


Howard- Very Nice – Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and Healthy New Year.  Michael New


Right on the money–or lack of it, Howard. This is an inspiring note. Happy holiday season to all, except for anti-Semites and racists. Abee  gezundt! Joe Dorinson


Thank you Howard. My best wishes for the coming year.  Edward D. Pollack


Hello Howard!  Thank you for your thoughtful holiday greetings.  I always appreciate optimism, especially the kind that comes from doing good work.  I hope you have a wonderful 2014 and look forward to the next time our paths cross.  Please do let me know if ever you are in Montreal. Very Best Wishes,  Skawennati


Happy Holidays to you from New Orleans!!  Abrasos!!  Sharon (Frazier)


dear howard…what lovely and meaningful  thoughts…i haven’t made any resolutions yet, but yours have given me the impetus..happy new year to you from sarah and victor (kovner)


Hi Howard,  Thanks for your email. My best wishes to you for a very good 2014 year.

Cantor Joseph Malovany.


Howard,  A very happy new year to you too!  Ron Troy


Blessings To you Howard. & A Terrific 2014 & always!  JULIE & JOHN (Julie Budd)


How beautiful Howard! Thank you for including me in in the circle of friends to whom you sent this wonderful message! Happy New Year!! I look forward to catching up with you early in 2014.  Rella (Fogliano)


Merry Christmas, Howard!  Please stay healthy and happy in 2014.  MY RESOLUTION:  To make meaningful progress toward the completion of my book, “B________O: (secret title): A Blue-Eyed Brother’s Journey Through History’s Greatest Sounds.”  Best, James Taibleson


May 2014 bring us only happiness.  Francine Raubvogel


Hi Howard,  You are an amazing human being and I am proud to know you and be able to call you a friend. Watching and listening to you is an inspiration…Thank you for your help. I know we can make this world a better place for all who believe it can be. I believe as a small part of the greater good we can help those who want and thrive on our help to better themselves and the others they touch. Hope is very powerful!  I look forward to seeing you sooner than later. 🙂  Happy Holidays and a Healthy, Blessed  New Year!

Sincerely your SoupMan, Sebby (Seb Rametta)


How lovely  to receive your  holiday wishes and insights. We are all well and looking forward to 2014. Glad to know you are well and constant in  pursuing a good life.  Best, Marcy (Syms)


Happy Holidays, Howard!  All Best,  Christine DeLisle


Such a wonderful note, Howard.  Continued blessings to you, as well.  Have a merry, magnificent, successful and healthy New Year!  Michael (Miller)


Dear Howard . What a beautiful message. I wish you all the best as well may the 2014 fulfill all your wishes . We can talk may be next week if you are AROWND. All the best loula


Howard –  Enjoyed your inspiring holiday note… thanks for sending… and hope to see you soon… You know my devotion to biking as the healthiest, often fastest, and most fun and eco-friendly means to get around New York City… After spending nearly a week with 50 members of the East Coast Greenway Alliance (ECGA) biking along its trails from Hartford through NYC and on to Philadelphia, I am committed to the growing movement to make it far easier for bikers, joggers (and every other self-powered person) to travel safely and conveniently between communities up and down the Atlantic Coast.  I encourage you to join this movement, too.  Best holiday wishes,  Buzz (Boaz Shattan, Jr.)


Hi Howard, His words echo true through you to me.  We are very lucky living in a great city and in a great society filled with opportunity.  It;s so lovely to stay in touch with you after all these years!  Wishing you a happy holiday and may 2014 be the best year ever.  Warm regards, Lisa (Lisa Ronis)


Dear Howard, Thank you very much for your wishes. I am honored to be part of the circle of your friends,

I consider you a very special person. I wish you a great and meaningful 2014, all your thoughts may be reality and all your deeds bring light to the world. Happy happy new year, Rita (Benjehuda)


Dear Howard,  How prosaic and philosophical as I read your email Christmas afternoon between gift giving with my family and sharing the meaning of the Advent Season,  hope, peace, joy and love for all humankind. Our faiths are fundamental to reigniting the spirit of America and its glory days of serving and giving towards the rebirth of the Great Society.  Your warm words are inspirational as we embrace 2014 blessed to be contributors to help humanity become a more peaceful, prosperous and positive global society.

Happy New Year fulfilled with the wonderful of life, As always, Your Linda (Linda Stillman)


So beautiful..Love you, my friend.   Happy Everything. Neshama (Carlebach)


and to you my friend  (Gary Erbaum)


This is absolutely beautiful.  Wishing you and yours much health and happiness in 2014.

Best, Eileen (Flannelly)


You are the best, Howard. Sending you all the best wishes for a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2014.

Lynne (Winters)


Hey Howard – Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year as well (from halfway around the globe – in Chiangmai, Thailand).  Howie (Katz)


Hi Howard Teich,       So glad to hear from you.  I also value you and our friendship and all that you’ve done to support all kinds of folks to be able to hear me and FN.  Boy do I miss him.!!  I am fine and doing all kinds of things. I also wanted to let you know that Commissioner Bratton will be bringing greetings at the Operation Conversation Cops and Kids event that I am doing in Bklyn on January 3rd  to train the entire NYPD graduating class of 1100 cops and about 500 people from the community.  Its at the Christian Cultural Center.  Any chance???? Anyway,  my resolution is to continue to put poverty on the front lines of what it is that we have to over throw  in this country and in the world.  Love u dearly, my brother.  See u soon!

Lenora (Fulani)


Howard, Best wishes for year of peace and possibility.  I look forward to creating this new world with you.  I don’t usually make specific resolutions.  In general, it is to keep giving and building pbu that’s more like breathing, something I need to do to live.  Jeff (Arons)


Hello Howard, very up lifting and well written!  Thank you for you undying interest in what is going on around and inside of us!  I also think that we have a great year ahead of us.  My resolutions are humble and personal: 1.To be a better person towards my loved ones and to the entire the world.2.Spend more time on myself – health wise  3.Create the best art possible and promote likeminded artists.I wish you all the best in the up coming 2014 ! Love, luck, health, wealth and joy, lots of it:)  Artem Mirolevich


Howard, thank you for your thoughtful and inspired good wishes. I wish you and our nation as well as the world a happier, healthier, more prosperous and peaceful year ahead. Best, Ethan Eldon


Happy New Year Howard!  Ray (Raymond J. Dowd)


Dear Howard,  Warmest best  wishes for the new year. With Bill de Blasio at the helm, it promises to be an exciting and productive year. Bill (William J. vanden Heuvel)


..Beauty..Freshness..Dreams..Truth..Imagination..Feeling..Faith..Trust!  This is the beginning of a new year.

Happy New Year, Dear Friend.  Manal Faisal Alsharief


Howard – All the best to you in the New year.  I am pleased to see another fan of Lyndon Johnson, whom I admire immensely, warts and all.  Sam (Samuel F. Abernethy)


Howard:  Happy New Year and may 2014 be a prosperous year for you. Ronald Law


Howard.  What wonderful thoughts for 2014!  I am in total agreement about the “Tale of Two Cities.”  Let’s hope with Mayor Bill DeBlasio, it will change.  Thank you for sharing.  Best wishes to you for a wonderful and healthy 2014.  Linda (Gras)


Happy new year, Howard!  (Mama Doni)


Nice to be included in your expression of Joy.   My reaction is: Why Johnson? He lied about the Vietnam war.  .Consider Thurgood Marshall: A society can not have both greed and democratic values and flourish.


I have not quoted him correctly but you get the drift. Giving and service is commendable.The piece that irks me is that relative to their incomes, the people who can least afford to give, give a greater percent of their income. They understand the struggle because they live it.


Have you heard about the book, The New Jim Crow? I listened to it on my way to and from work. It is well researched and a startling picture of the state of inequality of the US.


We both wish the same for our country. I worry as I live in a working class neighbor hood. My neighbor drove a bread truck all his adult life.He had health insurance and was looking forward to being able to stop working, a the repetitive movements of his job left him with aches. BUT his company sold out to a larger concern. To keep his job the company forced him to be an independent driver. He now runs his own business, has to pay an accountant to handle the details. He drives the same route. He rises at 3am each day. He makes less money now than before.


Thank goodness for Obama Care. It gives him some reassurance. His son-in-law lost his job in upstate NY. They moved in to live with my neighbor. 4 adults and 3 children under the age of 5 in a 900 square house. The only silver lining is after 2 years,  the young family has been able to qualify for a bank loan and are looking for a house.


My sister-in-law isn’t good with money, her first husband lived a few years after a massive stroke playing squash. She remarried but over the years has not been able to have success with her art degree. She now stocks the shelves in a large grocery store working the night shift. She’s been there about 8 years. This past year after her husband had 1 lung removed due to cancer, he doesn’t make as much, plus he’s 70 and she’s 59. She has had to rely on the food bank.


I believe in our country, and thank Diane Sawyer for her Made in America campaign. Until those without understand that they are being sold a life style they can’t afford via commercials they won’t understand that politicians favor themselves. I’d like to have a senator’s health insurance plan.


I don’t understand the need to pay hundreds of dollars for shoes, etc. Why do bankers make millions after ruining the lives of so many of the employed people at the bank? Why is a corporation considered a person so that big business can buy their way to what they want?  Blah, Blah, Blah.


OK I’ll get off my own soap box. I agree whole heartedly that we can not provide for our society until those with the power recognize that craving more wealth and power undermines the middle class. Without people to buy goods the companies can’t grow. My understanding of the Golden Rule is two-fold. The original message and: Those with the gold rule.


Thanks for being a sounding board. I appreciated your New Year’s Wishes. I wish you the same.

People have been a source of change and we will continue to do this work for the betterment of all.


I believe one’s thoughts do become a reality.

My wishes are simple. For Linda to find the reason her back continues to “go out” so often. To find the reason for her condition and her pain.


For mom and dad to continue to be healthy.


To continue to find the joy in teaching and know I make a difference in the lives of the children I touch.


To have seen the worst in 2013 of catastrophic weather related destruction to the earth and people’s lives.

For 2014 to be a calm year in the world for weather and war related deaths.


For those with internal wars in their own countries to find peace through reconciliation, following the example set by Mandela.


Thanks for relatives and friends who are in my life.


Jane (Weinstein)


Additional Comments on Jane’s response


Howard to Jane:  What an astounding response, and one I do want to put on my website as a comment, with resolution, to my 2014 New Years note, when we put them on there.  It is so impactful, and so real.  That’s precisely where we can, and must do better.


By the way, on Johnson, there are really two parts to what he did.  One was Vietnam, and we all opposed that, and had a difficult time with him because of that.  The other part was his domestic policy, and his Great Society concept, and the domestic legislation he enacted during his administration that has had lasting impact, and I think is particularly significant today, and to such an extent, that we should take a relook at it.


Always wonderful to hear from you, and I do hope, Jane , that you have the best year in 2014!


– Howard


Jane to Howard:  Thanks for your kind words. You’re welcome to put it on your site. I perhaps would like to revise the Johnson comment to  acknowledge his vision re:  domestic policy and the Great Society, especially the war on poverty.

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