This is my website, welcome. As most of you who know me expect to hear, when you ask me how I am in a phone call or in person, I will answer, “I’m great,” “I’m excellent,” or “I’m incredible.” I am fortunate to be here, doing my best to make a difference in the time that I am here. I view every day as a gift. Very much a New Yorker, I am committed to bringing people together and creating new possibilities. I invite you to become part of my circle of life, as a client, colleague, or friend So, have the best day, and enjoy my website!!

Hillary Launches Her Campaign


  1. 9-11 Sunrise Ceremony

    With 9-11 upon the horizon, start the day watching the video of the10th Anniversary Sunrise Ceremony across from the Statue of Liberty, that I produced together with Maggi Peyton of then Borough President Scott Stringer’s office. A timeless moment, and an array of thoughts and sounds to start your 9-11 day. Click here to connect to the video.

  2. Times Square Crackdown

    Dennis Hamill wrote in the Daily News, “Mister Mayor, tear down this mall! Hizzoner should heed the call of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. to level the Times Square pedestrian mall.” Humbug! What a terrible idea, essentially said Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance, who has built Times Square with vision to become a mecca for major happenings and a regular stop for tourists. A magical New York place. We await the news of how the Mickeys, the Batmen, the Naked Cowboy and Painted Women of Times Square will sensibly be dealt with, short of tearing up the Plaza and reintroducing traffic. Stay tuned.

  3. Myanmar (Burma) Jewish Tradition Continues

    Moses Samuels single handedly carried on the hundreds of years’ tradition of a continuing Burmese Jewish community, and passed on this year at age 65. His son Sammy Samuels now is the voice of the community, and will be opening the most beautiful Congregation Mesmuah Yeshuah synagogue, where he was married this year, for the High Holiday services. I was there, I met them, got to know them over the years, and they are true Jewish heroes of our people.



I am involved in a broad spectrum of organizations, and want to share them with you.  I spend the majority of my time on them now, so take a look at the Organization Page, and let me know if you want to be supportive, or get involved in any of them.  You can link to the organization’s website by clicking on their logo.

How I See It – Aug, Sept. 2015

I will be taking viewpoints on issue worth commenting on, and I promise most will be thoughtful and some will be controversial.  And please, I want to hear your thinking, so please send your comments in, and let the fun begin.