This is my website, welcome. As most of you who know me expect to hear, when you ask me how I am in a phone call or in person, I will answer, “I’m great,” “I’m excellent,” or “I’m incredible.” I am fortunate to be here, doing my best to make a difference in the time that I am here. I view every day as a gift. Very much a New Yorker, I am committed to bringing people together and creating new possibilities. I invite you to become part of my circle of life, as a client, colleague, or friend So, have the best day, and enjoy my website!!

The Howard Teich Network

Formed in 2008 as a way to best serve my wide circle of friends, colleagues and new acquaintances. I have been fortunate in developing an extraordinary network of people, firms, companies, and organizations. I’ve spent a great deal of time in locating the best, so do not hesitate to contact me first when you need advice and help with anything. I have committed 30-50% of my time to work on political, charitable and civic activities during my adult lifetime. It began with law school and Kent State, when I decided I had a responsibility to be involved, and continued with my career mentors, all of whom were deeply committed to societal causes and making a difference

How I See It - April – May 2015

I will be taking viewpoints on issue worth commenting on, and I promise most will be thoughtful and some will be controversial.  And please, I want to hear your thinking, so please send your comments in, and let the fun begin.