This is my website, welcome. As most of you who know me expect to hear, when you ask me how I am in a phone call or in person, I will answer, “I’m great,” “I’m excellent,” or “I’m incredible.” I am fortunate to be here, doing my best to make a difference in the time that I am here. I view every day as a gift. Very much a New Yorker, I am committed to bringing people together and creating new possibilities. I invite you to become part of my circle of life, as a client, colleague, or friend So, have the best day, and enjoy my website!!

HOW I SEE IT – 2016

I will be taking viewpoints on issue worth commenting on, and I promise most will be thoughtful and some will be controversial.  And please, I want to hear your thinking, so please send your comments in, and let the fun begin.

  1. Evacuation Day – Let’s Celebrate It In 2016

    I think we should start planning now to once again annually celebrate Evacuation Day in NYC on November 25th, for it is the day the last of the British troops departed from NYC in 1783 after occupying NYC for seven years during the Revolutionary War. How many New Yorkers know NYC was once occupied, so here’s the scoop.

  2. Police Officer Fatally Shot, Let’s Act

    Last Fall, I walked past the NYCHA Houses at 103rd & Second Avenue where Police Officer Randolph Holder was fatally shot, literally the week before, looking for the way to Randall’s Island, and was told by the Police Officer stationed there on the street with his van that he could not send me through the NYCHA Houses as I would risk being shot……READ MORE

  3. NYS Must Act to Return Integrity to Albany

    To say this past year has been disconcerting, would be a grand understatement, as we watch leaders in the NYS legislature in Albany being indicted, and convicted. Yes, integrity, honesty and holding an elected office should go hand-in-hand, and we can expect it, and demand it. Time to demand the highest of ethical behavior…

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I am involved in a broad spectrum of organizations, and want to share them with you.  I spend the majority of my time on them now, so take a look at the Organization Page, and let me know if you want to be supportive, or get involved in any of them.  You can link to the organization’s website by clicking on their logo.


  1. PROUD TO BE: Watch the Video, Time to Change the Washington Redskins Logo

    The word, Redskins, is derogatory and hurtful, most likely far beyond what you may be aware of, and I will not say more here. The Washington Redskins football team logo must change. I support the campaign 100%, and congratulate the National Congress of American Indian for taking a lead on this issue.